Windows 7 Tips

I had orignally kept this posting private for my own use, but some of my readers might find this collection of Windows 7 resources handy for something…

A very quick MSDN subscriber downloads mirror
Scott Hanselman says he got the ISO in 40 mins instead of hours.  It was very fast for me, too.

Installing Win 7 From a USB Key
This guide seems to work.  Another I tried didn’t work; XP’s diskpart.exe doesn’t recognize USB drives, so you have to download and use MBRWiz.exe.

Edit: here’s an app that claims to automate the process:

Note to self: to boot from USB on my ASUS 1000HE netbook took the following steps:

  • Go into bios settings (F2 just after turning on power, followed by F2 again) and set the USB as the first hard drive in the list of hard drives, and also the first item in the boot list.  (Not sure if this was needed or if the next step would be suffieint…)
  • When powering on, hit F2 quickly to bring up Asus screen, then hit Esc quickly to bring up the boot device listing, where I chose the USB drive.

Upgrade from XP
Although Win 7 doesn’t actually support an upgrade from XP without a clean install, Scott Hanselman details how to use the migration wizard to ease the pain a bit.

Boot from VHD
Another Hanselman blog posting, on how to boot from a virtual hard drive file in Win7.

UAC Data Redirection issues
Contains managed code to get at file locations for all users and for current user, plus environment variables that show where those really are

Getting started building apps for Win 7
Includes links to the Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers, and other resources.

Top 10 things working developers should know about Win 7
Another Hanselman blog posting useful for us devs. Lots of good info.

Select Windows 7 SKU Version On Install & Create SKU Specific Install Discs
Might be handy.  Title is self-explanatory.

Win 7 Recovery Environment Feature

Delay activation for up to 120 Days
All you have to do is enter “slmgr -rearm” into the command prompt at the end of every 30 day period, and your copy of Windows gets a whole new lease on life — an action that can be repeated three times.

Master Windows 7 Jump Lists
When you right-click on a taskbar button in Windows 7, a menu slides out with recent documents and application tasks. You can even access it with the left mouse button if you choose. Here’s a rundown of some Jump List boosters.


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